Which is the Best Brand For Kids GPS Watches in India?

Which is the Best Brand For Kids GPS Watches in India? image 0

If you’re looking for the best kids GPS watch in India, you need to know which features you want and what to look for. Here, we look at the Omate x Nanoblock, HereO, XGO2, and Find My Kids watches. We also take a look at the price. Here’s what we like and don’t like about each one. If you’re not sure, you can read our full review of all four kids GPS watches.

Omate x Nanoblock

Developed for young children, the Omate x Nanoblock GPS watch comes with a Diablock watch band that looks like a slew of Legos. It has location tracking and security features as well as a front-facing camera. The battery life is also three days. For your little one, this watch can be a perfect companion on the go. But how does it work?

It has a front-facing camera with two megapixels and a photo gallery. It can also serve as a stopwatch and an alarm. It also includes a pedometer. The Omate x Nanoblock will be available in two colours — white and black — for $179 US dollars. Other similar kids smart-clocks are made by Huawei and Alcatel.

The Omate x Nanoblock is available for pre-orders in April and is expected to start shipping in June. It will be available in the US and Europe, where it will be exclusive. Tata Communications will also showcase the device at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. If you are in the market for a GPS kids watch, this may be the one for you. It will save you time and effort and make it possible for your kids to stay safe.

With a triangulation of your child’s location using Wi-Fi hotspots, cellular networks, and GPS, the Omate smartwatch will keep you and your child safe. The data is transmitted via a secure virtual private network, managed by Tata Communications. In case of unauthorised use, this GPS watch may violate the laws of your country. It’s important to check with your local laws regarding GPS watches for children.


This brand of kids GPS watches has numerous benefits. First of all, it’s encrypted and protects the GPS data from prying eyes. It also includes a panic button and can send alerts to the parent and emergency contacts. There’s no need to keep an eye on the screen all the time, which is another great feature. It can help you find your child in case of an emergency.

The HereO GPS watch is the world’s smallest cellular-connected GPS tracker. The device connects to a mobile or web app to keep a record of your child’s location. It will retail for $149 but is available at a discounted price of $99 for backers of its IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign. A monthly subscription to the HereO GPS tracking service will cost you just $5.

The HereO watch comes with several features that make it an ideal choice for kids. A built-in phone book and voice chat are great for boys, and it has GPS and LBS tracking. The watch also has fun features, including educational games. You can even set up your child’s emergency contact number. HereO watches are designed to last for 72 hours and the battery lasts for that long. They have four different colors to choose from, and the company is looking to expand their product line in the future.

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The Spyderwatch is another great option for parents. It has a front-facing camera to take photos. You can upload them to a computer or cloud storage with the help of a USB cable. The Spyderwatch has an album with up to 32MB of storage. Parents can set different no-discomfort times for various periods of the day. Parents love the Spyderwatch for their child, and they can even set different no-disturb times in the classroom or for the whole day.

HereO is another smartwatch that features GPS functionality. This model features a camera and a motion sensor. It has a range of apps and games that kids can enjoy on the watch. Its two microphones and built-in GPS also allow you to monitor usage. There’s even a built-in calculator and calendar for your child to use. Unlike other kids’ GPS watches, the VTech watch is designed for young users and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.


If you’re looking for a great GPS watch for your child, look no further than the XGO2. Its easy-to-use app offers many useful features, including activity monitoring and reward-based step counting. Its screen is 240px by 240px and is powered by a 1.2GHz quad-core ARM Cortex A7 processor. Its SOS button sends an alert to your contact if your child is in danger. The XGO2 is waterproof, and it comes with a 700mAh battery. It has cellular connectivity, and you must purchase a SIM card to use it. Its location services will allow you to track your child’s location and set’security zones’ for him or her. A SOS button lets you send emergency contacts an SOS in case your child is

The XGO2 is packed with security features, but doesn’t go overboard. Your child can get a phone call from anyone on the watch. It only lets you call people on your phonebook, though, so it’s not too intrusive. You can also send a text message to your child. They can send a message to their parents, too, if they get lost.

XGO2 is the best brand for children GPS watches in India. This smartwatch includes many features and won’t burn a hole in your wallet. It has a camera and motion sensor, and is compatible with smart phones. It can also be synced with a smartphone so you can track your child’s location, make phone calls, and more. You can even get a watch that integrates with your child’s social media account.

The SeTracker Kids Smart Watch is one of the most popular brands in India. Its fun features make it an excellent gift for your child and provides you with important safety information. It supports both GPS and local base station positioning modes, so you can track your child’s location no matter where they are. Parents can also make video calls with their child to monitor their activities. The SeTracker Kids Smart Watch also allows parents to see their child’s exact location, which can be helpful if they are out of sight.

Find My Kids

Parents can use Find My Kids GPS watches to keep track of their children’s locations from the comfort of their homes. Parents can download the Find My Kids app and track their children’s location on the web, by phone or GPS watch. If your child is missing, you can send a text message or call them using the app’s emergency button to get their location. This app also works with a Pingo! GPS tracker that runs on your child’s smartphone in GPS locator mode. It also allows your child to make calls to you or another designated adult.

A major plus is the fact that these watches allow parents to monitor their kids’ whereabouts in real-time. GPS technology allows parents to create a virtual geographic fence and receive notifications whenever their kids leave it. Parents can also set up emergency contact numbers and set up the watch’s SOS button to call the parents’ phone when their kids get lost or become disoriented. Some of these watches are waterproof, but you must make sure that your children will be able to wear them for long periods of time.

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One of the best features of these watches is the ability to record emergency information on your child. This feature can come in handy if your child has a medical emergency. Moreover, you can set the device to tamper alert when your child takes it off. This will notify you of your child’s disappearance, with the last known location. Aside from this, there are some other features that Make this watch worth purchasing:

The Omate GPS watch costs $135 and comes with an Amber Alert safety monitoring center that will dispatch emergency services to your child’s location in the event of an emergency. It is available in two styles: black and white. You can purchase a device with a free network subscription on T-Mobile and receive up to six months of service for as low as $69 a month. The Omate GPS watch is a collaboration between two companies, Nanoblock and Omate.

What are some important features to look for in a Locator Device for Kids Safety? Here are some of them: Two-way communication, Location details, Easy setup and cost. Which ones should you buy? Read on to find out! And remember, a Locator Device is not just a gadget for kids. It’s a safety device for your whole family. It can help you keep an eye on your children even when you’re not around.

Location details

A Locator Device for Kids Safety can give parents real-time GPS details of their child’s location. It can be useful when you’re out walking your child or cycling them. Even if your child is not on a cell phone network, the device will still give you information about where your child is and how long it has been in the location. The location details will be displayed on a readout screen that displays the device’s current location.

Two-way communication

Using a locater device is a great way to ensure your child’s safety. There are several different types to choose from, but they all have the same primary function: to track your child. Some devices can even send an SOS alert if your child wanders off. Some also have a two-way communication function and an SOS button for emergencies. A location-based alert system will notify you when your child is in danger so you can take action.

Other parents use a location-based tracker to monitor their children’s whereabouts when they are away from home. These devices can also be helpful in curbing freedom. Many models have tamper alerts to notify parents if their children tamper with the device. A GPS tracker can also help prevent crimes because it can pinpoint a child’s location. If your child is abducted or misbehaved, you can contact them instantly.

Many of the latest devices allow you to talk to your child even if they are not on cell phones. These gadgets allow parents to hear what their children are saying through in-app messaging and can also alert you to a child’s location if they go missing. In addition to these features, many locater devices do not break the bank. These are a great option for parents who are concerned about their child’s safety.

GPS devices work on satellites and provide global coverage. Some are global, while others are limited to local cell phone coverage. Depending on the model, some will only send location updates every fifteen minutes. These are all great options, but one of the most important features to look for in a locater device for kids safety is the ability to communicate with the child. These devices are especially useful if your child is out of sight or needs help quickly.

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Easy to set up

If you’re worried about your child’s safety and you don’t know how to find them, an easy-to-set up Locator Device for Kids Safety is the perfect solution. Its GPS location tracker allows you to keep track of your child’s whereabouts. Parents can use the device to notify them when their child gets home or is missing. This device provides real-time location updates and also works inside the home.

Parents can use the device to make sure their child is safe by setting boundaries and geographical limits. This prevents them from becoming distracted by texts, emails, and social media posts. It also features a call-for-help button and a location map. Parents can choose specific geographic areas that their child can visit and be alerted if their child strays beyond the limits. Kids can even share photos with the device, making it a convenient way to stay in contact with them.

Pre-teens are notorious for eloping and wandering. It is extremely important for parents to be able to find their children, especially if they aren’t supervised. A child locator such as the Spark Nano helps parents keep track of their children’s movements and alert them when they leave a certain area. Parents can also use a locator device to set up boundaries around their home or safe places, and check up on their child’s location whenever they leave them.

The top-rated Tracker for Kids can attach to your kid’s shoelaces. It uses GPS and Bluetooth to notify you when your child goes out and with whom. The device also works through cellular and WiFi data to allow you to invite other adults as ‘care teams’ for your kids. The battery life of the device is long enough to keep a parent alerted in case of a child’s safety.

A child GPS tracking device can be connected to any smart phone with a cellular service plan. Its mobile app can be used to communicate with your child and send alerts if your child leaves the designated area. You can also set up geofencing to mark safe zones for your child. Once a safe zone is marked, the device can alert you via lights, making it easy for you to locate your child.


If you’re concerned about your child’s safety, you may be wondering what the cost of a Locator Device for Kids Safety is. With GPS technology, you can monitor your child’s whereabouts and get alerts when they leave the safety zones you have marked for them. The top-rated trackers are small, lightweight gadgets that attach to your child’s shoes and backpack. They use GPS data, Bluetooth and cellular data to keep track of your child, and you can even invite other adults to be part of your ‘care team’. Some devices will be free, while others will cost you a monthly subscription. The cost of a Locator Device for Kids Safety depends on whether you want to use a free trial or purchase a device.

The Relay is an affordable option that combines a walkie-talkie phone and GPS tracking. With a three-day battery and a speakerphone, the Relay works with your smartphone or another unit. It can also be used to set geofences, and you can receive alerts when your child leaves or enters them. The Relays’ service costs $10 a month, and you can add up to 10 Relays to your account. There are refurbished versions of this device available, as well.

The SOS key is another option for parents who want to track their child’s location. Unlike competitors, this device has a free SIM card from Speedtalk and all the smartphone features. It can even track a child in a pool. Another device, the Pedometer, allows you to check if your child is safe while they play in the water. Besides being a useful feature for parents, the SOS key is also a little more expensive than its competitors, but it has superior quality. A pedometer and an alarm system are also included. In addition to this, it comes with lovely themes to entertain your child.

Another good option is an Amber Alert GPS. Parents can monitor their child’s location using a mobile app or web browser. The device updates every 5 minutes and can be set in silent mode. This GPS tracker can also send alerts when your child leaves the safety zone, goes to school, or is in trouble. With Amber Alert GPS, you can know where your child is at any time, even if they are in a zone you don’t recognize.

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