Which Family and Friends Locator Apps Are the Best?

Which Family and Friends Locator Apps Are the Best? photo 0

There are several free and paid family and friends locator apps available, but which is the best? In this article, we’ll look at Google Maps, Foursquare Swarm, GeoZilla, and Life360. Which do you use? And how reliable are they? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to rate these apps! What’s your favorite one? How does it compare to Google Maps?

Foursquare Swarm

Foursquare’s latest creation, the Swarm, launched this Thursday on iOS and Android. The social network recently announced that it was splitting into two services — Foursquare and Swarm. Executives spent months developing Swarm, consulting with the Foursquare mayors. But one of its most exciting features is its new «emoji» feature. Swarm lets users paste their own emojis when checking in.

Like other social networks, Swarm lets you share pictures and send messages while you’re in an unfamiliar area. While this app is primarily designed for families and small children, it can also be used sparingly by friends. Previously, Foursquare dominated real-time location sharing, but it has since removed its check-in features and made them available in separate apps. However, it’s still useful for family and friends, if they don’t mind being tagged in random places.

While Foursquare’s social app has a variety of benefits, the newest version focuses on discovering and exploring local attractions. The app also allows users to track their own Foursquare activity. Users can also see their friends’ locations and make spontaneous plans. And of course, Swarm also lets users view their check-in history. This way, they can track their friends’ activities and stay updated on their own Foursquare activities.

In addition to a simple interface, Foursquare Swarm is also useful for finding family members. While Foursquare Swarm has many similar features to Foursquare, it allows users to leave a «pin» indicating where they are. This can be turned into a fun game for the entire family. The app also provides a statistics report system. It gives users information on which locations they visit more often and which places are of value.

Google Maps

If you want to share your location with a specific contact, you can do so in Google Maps. To do this, you must turn on the background app refresh feature. After granting location access to a particular contact, other people can view your location continuously until you turn off sharing. Moreover, you can choose how many contacts you want to share your location with. You can also choose to share your location with people in your network, which can be useful when you are in a relationship.

Life360 is another popular location-tracking app for Android phones. Its GPS-based capabilities let you view a person’s location in real time. Besides sharing your location with other members of your family, you can also use it for planning trips and broadcasting your location in case of an emergency. Its other features include an SOS function and a messaging service. The app is free, and it has in-app purchases.

You can also share your location with others using the Google Maps app. All you need is an email address and an account on Google. You can send an email or hangouts message to whoever you want to share your location with. Once you’re connected, you can share your location in real time with the people you care about the most. To share your location with others, you must request permission. You can send a link to your contacts, and they will receive your location update every time you change your location.

You can even share your location with special friends using Google Maps. It is a great way to keep track of loved ones — whether they are traveling or at school. Both Google Maps and other mobile apps provide location sharing. If you’ve got an iPhone or Android phone, you should use Find Friends and Find Phone, but for those who prefer the software on an Android device, Google Maps is the best option.

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In addition to using Google Maps to share your location, you can also track other people using the app. However, remember that the people you’re tracking must be willing to opt-in to share their location with you. If you’re unsure whether they’ve given permission to share their location, you can ask them to turn off the feature in Google Maps or delete it from their Google account. These applications are not only useful for keeping track of family members, but can also be used to keep track of traveling friends.


In order to use the GeoZilla family and friend locator application, you must sign up on the app platform. Once registered, you can share your GPS tracking details with anyone you’d like to track. This invitation code can be used as many times as you like, and it works for an unlimited number of friends and family members. The free version of the app only offers basic features, so you can always upgrade to the premium version to have more features.

This app allows you to create tasks, assign reminders, and manage your shopping lists. You can also add emergency contact numbers and receive alerts whenever you approach them. GeoZilla is ideal for both teenagers and elderly people. GeoZilla also helps you monitor your teenagers. You can assign tasks to family members, and you’ll be reminded when you’re close to them. While GeoZilla isn’t a perfect solution for every family situation, it’s a great way to keep a close eye on your loved ones.

If you’re concerned about safety while traveling, GeoZilla helps you track your kids and their friends. This app connects up to 12 people during the day. It’s battery-friendly and can save location history for a week. It’s a great back-to-school or summer vacation list. GeoZilla is available on both iOS and Android devices. Once you have downloaded the app, you can set a reminder to follow up with your children.

Another great feature of GeoZilla is its GPS tracking capabilities. The premium version enables you to track specific behaviours and patterns and even set up location alerts. It also lets you view your loved one’s location history. You can even use it on a computer. This free app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play stores. You can also use it on a desktop. So if you’re concerned about a family member’s safety, GeoZilla is a great way to keep track of them.


A good family locator app will alert you when your loved ones are in danger. One such app, Life360, works by using a coordinate system to track the locations of your Circle Members. It also lets you message your loved ones when they leave or arrive. Whether you’re worried about a loved one or want to check on them, the app makes it easy. It even shows you a map of where your loved ones have been.

Life360 also offers advanced driving and digital safety features like two-day location history, crash detection for cars, and data breach alerts. The premium versions also offer additional benefits, including a membership plan with ID theft protection and travel assistance. The company has not disclosed the reason for the purchases, but a recent report showed that the company has lost $16.3 million in the last year. A free version lets you share your location with loved ones, but you must be a member to use these features.

The Life360 app is free to download, but you can upgrade to the premium version to access even more features. Premium versions cost $5 per month for the entire family and $50 per year. The premium versions also include unlimited check-in places, roadside assistance, and protection from stolen or lost phones. The Life360 family and friend locator apps are available on both Android and iOS devices. There are also free versions of Life360 for those who don’t want to spend the money.

Another alternative to the Life360 family and friend locator app is FamiSafe. This app understands the needs of parents and makes their lives easier. Parents can use this app to find their children, even when they’re not with them. The app also allows you to keep an eye on their whereabouts by using geofencing, a geolocation feature. Aside from these features, Life360 also offers a panic button and an integrated chat feature.

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Life360 sells the location data it collects to companies. Its privacy policy says that they don’t re-identify individual users. However, one former employee told Markup that Life360 had passed the raw data they collect to SafeGraph and other companies. SafeGraph also confirmed the sale of their location data to Life360, according to the email the company sent to its customers. A former employee of Life360 said that it follows industry best practices.

With the number of applications available for Android devices increasing every day, it can be difficult to keep track of your child’s digital activity. It is possible to control what your child sees, listens to, and downloads through various parental control apps. For this purpose, this article will highlight a few of the most popular Android parental control apps. These include Safe Lagoon, MMGuardian, and SPY24.


This free parental control app can be used to block apps and games and to enforce time limits. The app also monitors SMS text messages and can send notifications to parents when certain keywords are used. If your child has a smartphone, it is a good idea to install MMGuardian on it first. Then, you can control what your child can do with it from the MMGuardian website.

MMGuardian allows parents to set comprehensive parental controls on their child’s Android phone. This includes detecting inappropriate images and deleting text messages. It can also protect children from cyberbullying and sexting. The app also offers advanced contact management controls, filters websites, and blocks specific URLs. It also offers expert advice and helps parents to protect their children’s privacy.

The MMGuardian parental control app for Android lets parents monitor images on their child’s phone, chats on networking apps, and social media accounts. They can set a daily limit for the maximum amount of time a child can spend on the device, and can restrict certain websites and apps. Parents can also set alerts to notify them if their child tries to access something they are not supposed to. Another feature of the app allows parents to check a child’s social networks. However, this feature requires the child to participate in the monitoring process.

MMGuardian is a free parent control app for Android. It has several parental controls and can block obscene or inappropriate websites. The app requires network data capability to monitor apps and websites. The data is used to send alerts and configuration commands to the device. The parental control app also includes an in-built web browser, which means that it’s compatible with Incognito mode.

MMGuardian is free and works well with any Android device. However, if you’re looking for a more robust parental control app for Android, you’ll need to invest in a paid app. It can be hard to choose between free and paid parental control apps for Android. So, you should try out both of them and decide for yourself. And remember that both options have their pros and cons.

MMGuardian also blocks calls and texts from unwanted callers and prevents children from accessing adult websites. It also monitors pictures for explicit content. It has customizable alerts that can send you text messages. MMGuardian can also detect suicidal thoughts. It will also warn you if your child’s phone is using inappropriate content. It is a great way to protect your kids from inappropriate content online.

If you’re on a budget, you can always try MMGuardian. It’s free for 30 days and offers some limited parental controls, but it’s not free forever. It has more features than you might expect for free parental control apps. You might be wondering how the app works. The free version will enable you to control apps, block ads, and monitor internet searches. It also allows you to set time limits on your kid’s device.

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Safe Lagoon

If you’re looking for a free parental control app for Android, try Safe Lagoon. You can monitor text messages, calls, and websites. You can receive detailed reports and block certain people. The app works on many platforms, including Android and iOS. It’s even compatible with Windows. For an annual fee, you can get the Safe Lagoon Premium or Big Family plan. Regardless of which plan you choose, you’ll be able to use Safe Lagoon to monitor your children’s activities.

Safe Lagoon has been designed to provide parents with a healthy, safe online experience for their children. It provides parents with unmatched protection against malware, ads, and other threats, while giving parents the ability to manage screen time. You can install the Safe Lagoon app on your child’s Android device, as long as the device supports Google Play. Its installation process is straightforward, and you can install it in a few minutes.

Another feature of this parental control app is its ability to track your child’s location and review messages. You can also see what your child is searching for, including sexting images. This app also helps you track the location of your child’s device in real time. You can also set time limits and allow certain apps, like games, while restricting certain websites or times of day. You can even set a panic button to keep an eye on your child’s activities and ensure that they don’t go anywhere without permission.

Safe Lagoon is a free parental-control app for Android that blocks unsafe Internet sites, monitors online conversations, and alerts parents to suspicious activity. It’s also useful for monitoring children’s social network and IM activities and protects them from predators and cyberbullies. You can download Safe Lagoon for free from Google Play, or get it from third-party sources.

Safe Lagoon is an excellent parental control app for Android. Its powerful parental control features allow you to monitor up to 20 kids from one central location. It also allows you to set time limits and screen-time limits and peek into the kids’ YouTube usage history. It can also control in-app purchases, play store approval, and the Google Play store. You can also install Safe Lagoon on Windows 10 and iOS devices.

ESET offers flexible parental control features. You can block impulsive apps and games, or set screen limits. You can also monitor calls, SMS, and online conversations. The instant block feature allows you to block websites and apps that your child may be using without your knowledge. The instant block feature helps protect your child from age-restricted content. Safe Lagoon also monitors contacts. It can even block dangerous websites.


The SPY24 app allows you to monitor the activities of your children on their cell phones. With just a couple of steps, you can check every text message that your children send and receive, and even recover deleted texts. You can also track their GPS location, and create safe zones to monitor where they are. In addition, you can monitor their web browsing history. You can even set limits for certain websites that your child can visit.

To install SPY24, all you need is an Internet-connected device. You can either install it directly to the target device, or via iCloud. You can access the application’s Control Panel online. Once you log in, you’ll be given access to its powerful features, including parental control and employee monitoring. You’ll be able to monitor and track your children’s activities on the go from the comfort of your own home.

You can even monitor conversations that your children have over social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook. Using SPY24, you can monitor everything from social media apps to IM chats. This free parental control app for Android also allows you to monitor your employee’s phone activities and prevent them from compromising your children’s safety. These features make the app an excellent choice for parents and business owners. By monitoring employee activity, you can avoid the possibility of industrial espionage and data leakage.

Another excellent feature of SPY24 is that it can block inappropriate websites and scan multimedia content. You can also limit screen time to limit the amount of time that your child spends watching videos. SPY24 is also compatible with third-party apps, such as screen-time apps. It also has built-in parental controls, such as screen time limits, and you can monitor your child’s screen time without jailbreaking or rooting his or her device.

Whether you are trying to monitor your children’s activities or your employees’, you can be confident that you will get the right answer. The SPY24 monitoring app for Android has hundreds of parental control features and employee tracking features to keep an eye on everything. By monitoring their behavior, you can also track their whereabouts and prevent any trouble. Its features are so advanced that it will easily replace other Android spyware applications.

Another popular parental control app for Android is Mobicip. It allows you to track the activities of your children on social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. With its geo-fencing capabilities, you can easily trace your child’s whereabouts and prevent them from using inappropriate apps and websites. Mobicip allows you to monitor multiple devices at one time and manage the children’s activity from any location.

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