Is it Good to Use a Parental Control App for Monitoring Your Child’s Online Activity?

Is it Good to Use a Parental Control App for Monitoring Your Child’s Online Activity? image 0

Depending on your child’s age, you may want to use a parental control app to monitor their online behavior. We’ve reviewed several of them, including Qustodio, Net Nanny, Bark, and Mobicip, and can recommend one for you. However, it’s important to note that parental control apps are not perfect. There are some caveats that you should be aware of, such as the fact that some apps do more than others.


When it comes to monitoring your child’s phone usage, the Qustodio parental control app does a great job. This app offers several useful features, including time limits and daily phone usage. Qustodio’s free version lets parents track their child’s phone activity and set a schedule. Parents can also view what apps their children are using and what websites they visit daily. Parents can also block websites or limit how much time their child spends using them.

There are three levels of subscription with Qustodio. The basic version costs free, but it only allows you to monitor one device. Premium subscriptions include more advanced features, including screen time management, call monitoring, and real-time web filtering. It’s easy to manage your child’s activity and monitor their activities from a single interface. Using Qustodio is a great way to keep an eye on your child and prevent problems with social media, internet addiction, and more.

Parents who want to monitor their child’s online activity will appreciate Qustodio’s features. Unlike Facebook, this app allows parents to monitor the content of text messages and can block inappropriate websites. It even allows parents to block built-in messaging apps. Another great feature is its location tracking capability. The app tracks your child’s location and can notify you if they are using a forbidden application.

Qustodio’s control dashboard is industry-leading, with a wide range of features. It’s also safe to use on any OS or device. Users can download the app through verified sources. This level of security makes the app one of the safest parental control apps on the market. The app also offers notifications about suspicious activities, such as inappropriate websites. If you’re worried about your child being exposed to dangerous websites, Qustodio is the answer.

Another great feature of Qustodio is its extensive privacy policy. Parents can monitor their child’s activities and set time limits. The parental control app is free to download and works on Android devices. You can use it to monitor SMS, calls, and more. However, you should read its privacy policy to make sure you’re comfortable with it. You’ll be glad you chose Qustodio.

Net Nanny

There are several benefits to using Net Nanny as a parental control app. The program is available for a variety of platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows. To install, you first need to create an account and then install the Mobile Device Management profile. Once installed, you can set limits on screen time and other activities. Once the app is installed, you can access the Parent Dashboard and monitor activities on your child’s device. However, you must not let your child know what your password is so that they cannot access it without your permission.

As a parent, you will appreciate the features of Net Nanny’s Parent Dashboard, which mimics social media. In addition to displaying activity from tracked family members, the Family Feed also gives you information about the time of day, location, and typed content. Net Nanny also allows you to customize rules for different categories, such as time spent on specific websites or apps. Once you’ve set up your rules, you can see exactly what your child is doing on the internet.

The Net Nanny filtering technology recognizes context, so blocking gambling sites, for example, will stop your child from visiting these sites. It’s effective on both Android and iOS, as well as Chrome and Firefox Focus. The program also flags strange URLs and explains the reason why they’re suspicious. For instance, some URLs aren’t web pages, but rather carry advertising data or tracking.

You can set up geofences to monitor the location of your child, as well as alerts when they arrive and depart. Another useful feature of Net Nanny is its ability to expand reporting settings to all of the monitored devices. This makes it possible for parents to monitor their children’s activities without having to worry about their safety. If your child isn’t home, you can check up on them from anywhere using Net Nanny.

One disadvantage of Net Nanny is that it doesn’t offer a free version. To download the program, you must pay a subscription fee. Net Nanny does not offer a free trial, but offers multi-device plans. You can also monitor the internet usage of your child through chat and email messages. To install the app on your child’s phone, you’ll need to get hold of their phone.


Mobicip is a great parental control app for monitoring your child’s activity. Its features include setting screen time limits, blocking specific apps and websites, and preventing your child from sending and receiving texts. This app is suitable for parents of any age group, and supports all major mobile operating systems. Parents are assured that Mobicip respects their privacy, as it does not sell data to third parties. Moreover, parents have access to only their child’s usage history.

The Mobicip app is great for parents who use multiple devices. Its web filter categorizes apps based on their age and allows you to set exceptions. It manages apps, and limits screen time. You can also geofence the location of your child’s device to block them from visiting certain websites. This parental control app is compatible with many devices, including iOS, Android, and Windows.

Mobicip works on Android devices in kid mode. Simply download the app from the Google Play Store, enter the child’s name and gender, and sign up. You can also view all the connected devices at once. If you’re unsure whether Mobicip is right for your child’s device, try the seven-day free trial. If you like Mobicip, you can monitor your child’s activity with Mobicip’s comprehensive parental controls.

Mobicip can also filter web content. The website of the app suggests that it offers a Safe Browser. However, the support article for the app is for older versions of the app. You can read Mobicip reviews before choosing the app for your child. However, if you have children who are very active on social networks and internet, this parental control app may not be for you.

Mobicip is compatible with most operating systems. It supports iOS, Windows, Mac OS, Android, Nook, and Kindle Fire. It’s also compatible with Chromebooks, Android tablets, and Nook devices. Regardless of which platform your child uses, Mobicip is likely to suit your needs. Moreover, Mobicip offers a free trial of all its premium features.


If you’re looking for a good parental control app for your child’s phone, Bark is a solid choice. This app monitors online activities of children in the background and sends you alerts whenever your child does something that could be considered inappropriate. It includes a web filter and time limits, and allows you to control screen time and web content. However, this app doesn’t give you full access to your child’s phone, and it doesn’t let you control their screen time administratively.

You can use Bark for seven days free of charge, and then decide whether to pay a monthly or annual subscription. It is important to note that both plans require credit card information to sign up. Choosing an annual subscription can save you money. If you’re concerned about the privacy of your child’s data, you may want to sign up for a premium plan. You can also get a free trial to see if the program works for you and your child.

Once you’ve signed up for the free trial, you’ll need to download the app and the software to your child’s device. You can also download Bark Jr, which comes with web filtering and screen time management, as well as the check-in feature. It is easy to set up the software, and you can try it for seven days before making a purchase. You’ll need to enter a credit card number to activate the trial, but it won’t be charged until the end of the trial period.

You can also monitor your child’s sexting and other online activities with the help of Bark. The app will notify you if your child is being cyberbullied, has been involved in a sexting session, or demonstrates signs of a suicidal threat. Bark is available on iOS and Android devices, and it does not require jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad.

The downsides of Bark are limited to the fact that the app can only monitor Android, iOS, and Apple devices. You cannot monitor Snapchat or Instagram, however. It also has restrictions when it comes to monitoring apps. However, you can sign up for a free trial and commit to the annual plan if you are happy with its features. Bark is a good parental control app for monitoring your child

There are many parental control apps for kids available, but which is the best? This article looks at Qustodio, Mobicip, Bark, and Net Nanny. These apps have features you can find useful. If you want to limit your kids’ screen time, monitor where they are going on the internet, and block apps, you can download any of these apps. However, be careful! Some apps may contain malware.


Qustodio is a parental control app for kids that works on various devices. It can be used on all kinds of operating systems, including Android and iOS. It also works on almost all types of mobile devices, including tablets and PCs. Parents can control their kids’ devices from the comfort of their home. The app works on iOS and Android devices with an OS version higher than v5.0.

Another feature of Qustodio is its ability to block certain categories of websites and apps. For example, if your child is accessing a file-sharing website, Qustodio will let you know immediately. However, if your child is using a social media site or is participating in a chat forum, you’ll be notified via email. Qustodio has an easy-to-use interface and helps parents set up the app quickly and easily.

Using Qustodio, parents can monitor their child’s activities and manage their time on social media. The app can be connected to your child’s Facebook account, which will automatically fetch all the information from the social network. This is great if your child is exposed to cyberbullies or other online predators. The app can also track your child’s location. With GPS coordinates, you can see where your child has been and when.

If you want a parental control app for kids, you can download Qustodio to monitor your child’s mobile devices. It comes in free and paid versions. The free version lets you set a schedule for your child’s phone and determine how much screen time your child uses each day. Qustodio has more advanced features than Google Family Link, such as reporting and blocking access to apps and websites. It can even block Facebook.

As one of the most comprehensive parental control apps for kids, Qustodio has several great features. Parents can set a screen time limit, block particular websites, and restrict access to certain apps. You can also pause your child’s phone for a certain period of time to prevent them from using their phone. These features will allow you to monitor your child’s online activities and monitor their privacy.

Net Nanny

If you’re looking for a good parental control app for your children, Net Nanny is one of the best options available. The app provides a comprehensive range of parental controls, including web content filtering, screen time limits, and content screening. You can also keep tabs on where your child goes using its GPS tracking and geofencing features. Net Nanny also lets you set virtual boundaries on a map, blocking certain websites.

This app is especially useful if you’re worried about your child watching adult content. It offers detailed reports on what your child searches, as well as real-time alerts for weapon and drug-related content. Parents can even set certain time periods for their children to use the app. Although many parents appreciated the app’s features, some complained of issues with it. For example, some parents found the app too complex to use, and some sites were unblocked.

In addition to blocking adult content, Net Nanny also blocks pornographic sites. It does this by analyzing the context of websites as they load. This means that you know exactly what your child is viewing at any given moment. Net Nanny also lets you set internet hours and blocks access to certain websites. It will also notify you if your child is accessing a pornographic website. It’s a powerful parental control app for kids that’s both effective and easy to use.

With its numerous features, Net Nanny is the best parental control app to use for kids. Its filters are excellent, and the time limit restriction is very helpful in managing screen time. If your child isn’t satisfied with the amount of time their children are using the app, they can opt to uninstall it. Net Nanny offers a free trial period so you can evaluate the service before making a decision.

MMGuardian allows parents to block all downloaded apps. However, it doesn’t allow disabling an app individually. It also allows parents to set age restrictions for certain apps. Net Nanny has a feature called App Advisor that allows parents to set age restrictions. This means that children can’t download certain apps if they don’t allow the internet to use them. And with Net Nanny, you can even block access to internet while your child is on their device.


Mobicip is a family web filter that allows parents to restrict what their kids can and cannot access on their devices. They can set the amount of time their children can spend on certain websites and apps. They can also monitor web browsing history. Parents can also lock family devices to prevent them from being accessed by unauthorized individuals. In addition to filtering web content, Mobicip also lets parents monitor their child’s location and block websites and apps they find harmful.

With Mobicip, you can keep an eye on your child’s phone around the clock. The app also blocks websites your child may want to visit. It keeps track of where your children are and how much time they spend on them. Mobicip allows you to set limits for screen time and prevent them from accessing inappropriate content. You can also monitor internet activity, limit screen time, and manage apps and track your child’s location.

Once you install Mobicip on your child’s device, you can set up the rules for your child’s device. It has a web filter and screen time limit, and it runs automatically in the background. It allows you to check on data and adjust your child’s schedule from your dashboard. The app also provides advice from digital parenting experts. It’s important to check activity reports to make sure your children are not over-using the app.

Mobicip offers a free trial for its users. However, you must provide a credit card for Mobicip’s free trial. If you’d like to continue using Mobicip, you can purchase a paid plan. You can then use it to manage multiple devices and unlock all its premium features. You can even lock a device during the trial if you want to. This will give you the option to monitor social media.

Mobicip is easy to install and use. You don’t need technical knowledge to install it. You just need to follow some steps to set up the app. You can also adjust the daily time limit and set an SMS or MMS message. This app also has a sleek interface. It shows the total amount of screen time your child has used, as well as the next time it is scheduled to shut down. Mobicip also offers an option for your child to request more screen time or unblocking their device. Once you’ve set up Mobicip, it will automatically monitor their device and notify you of its progress.


The Bark app works across iOS and Android devices and uses TLS encryption for secure data transfer. It also utilizes second-layer security provided by Amazon Web Services, multi-factor authentication, and user-specific access keys. Its internal security audits are also ongoing. Users can rest assured that the alerts are only sent for things «you need to know» and do not violate their privacy. The app is available for free for seven days and does not require jailbroken iOS devices.

In addition to keeping tabs on kids’ internet usage, Bark also offers a number of other features. It can monitor Android, Apple, and Amazon Fire devices. It also allows users to set time limits, block websites, and manage screens. The app also features a parenting forum and can be accessed through mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. Bark is one of the most popular child monitoring apps on the market today.

MMGuardian is another great app that allows parents to limit their children’s usage of certain apps. The app also allows parents to set a list of contacts they can allow and block. If a child has a phone that uses Android 9, they must download the MMGuardian app from the app store. Android 10+ users can block calls, but not text messages. Both apps have a number of other features that make them a perfect choice for parents.

Bark monitors over 24 social media apps, including YouTube, Facebook, and Snapchat. It also checks text messages, emails, and social media platforms for inappropriate content. It also monitors email accounts and can help parents identify signs of online predators, sexting, and adult content. In addition, you can set the level of alert sensitivity according to your child’s age, gender, and location. If your child is not in your house, Bark will alert you immediately and help you take necessary steps.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll need to connect it to the device(s) that your child is using. You can connect your email accounts, social media networks, and various other services through Bark. You can also set up dozens of apps on each device that your child uses. The apps will highlight everything that they can watch. However, there are a few limitations. For example, you won’t be able to connect a Facebook account if your child has a Twitter account.

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