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iPhone Spy App Functionality

Spytracking is glad to offer you the iPhone tracker app, comfortable and functional application. There are many things a parent needs to consider when investing in an application for monitoring a child’s cell phone device. Issues related to functions, features, compatibility, and cost are the primary factors every parent faces when looking to get a good quality application for a mobile device. Below are just some of the things that parent should consider when assessing whether or not the program is the correct spy application purchase.

The basic functions of our application are rather impressive. Below are just some of the tools each parent receives:

Text logging and reporting:

This feature allows the application to record every keystroke a child makes. Thus, a parent will know a child’s behavior when using a smartphone and whether that child is behaving appropriately or not. Therefore, it allows parents to determine whether the child should continue to have the privilege of using the cellular device or not. The text logging and reporting feature is a basic function of a spyware application. All information accumulated from the application goes to a separate server where the parent can access the information to review it at a suitable time.

GPS tracking:

The Global Positioning System in the spyware application will allow you to pinpoint a child’s location with impressive accuracy. This same system allows the parent to track everywhere the child has been and frequent places that he or she visits. In the event that a child ever turns up missing, having a cellular device with the GPS on it may prove incredibly helpful in recovering a lost or missing child.

Internet access control:

These features include the ability to whitelist or blacklist websites so that the child can access pre-selected websites while using a mobile device. Spytracking is an application that can be used to ensure that the Web content, your kids viewing, is always considered clean, age-appropriate content.

time management

Along the same lines, Internet access control features also include the ability to set limitations on the amount of time children is actually able to spend in the Web. More than 91% of teens own a cell phone device and one quarter of that number spending a good deal of time on the Internet. It’s important for parents to be able to limit time a child spends surfing the Internet.

How to Track someone’s IPhone – The Issue of Jailbreaking

If you are going to install the Spytracking on a target iPhone, it is important for you to know that application works with both jailbreaking option and jailbreaking-free (iCloud Solution). Jailbreaking is a method of allowing third-party apps to be downloaded and installed on the iPhone where the manufacturer may have prohibited access to prior. See more here: How it works

Spy Apps for iPhone: Additional Reasons to Use

The safety of your loved ones is really invaluable. When it comes to investing in spy software for iPhone solutions, Spytracking is among the leaders. In addition to being a highly functional program, the application is affordable and the installation process is quick and easy. Just log in to your Control Panel from the personal smartphone and start monitoring all necessary data.

Our customer support is always ready to provide you any additional information and special instructions if needed.