How to Select the Best GPS Tracker for School Buses

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There are a few features to look for in a school bus GPS tracker. These features may include SOS, also known as a distress button, that notifies school authorities of the bus’ location. Other features may include GEO-fence, which tracks the bus’ location and speed. This feature is useful for alerting school authorities if the bus veers away from its destination.


There are a lot of options out there when it comes to school bus GPS trackers. Some companies provide more features than others, while others are more focused on one area. Some solutions will serve as an excellent backup plan for schools while others are more of a convenience to parents. In addition to tracking the whereabouts of school buses, these solutions can help school officials keep track of every student on the bus.

A good school bus tracking solution will provide comprehensive route management functionality, which helps administrators create new routes, manage existing ones, delete redundant routes, and assign students to specific routes. This system also helps with fuel savings by guiding drivers to the most cost-effective routes. It also provides information about the location of pick-up and drop-off locations outside the school campus. Once installed, the system will automatically notify the driver of the exact location of each student.

Some school bus GPS trackers come with additional features, such as a distress button or GEO-fence. These systems can notify school authorities of the bus’ location and direction when an accident occurs. Other school bus GPS trackers offer other advanced features, like a driver’s log book, which can help them manage their school buses better. But if your budget is tight, choose a device with a higher price tag.

The GPS tracker for school buses should be capable of storing all information on the bus, including the students’ allotments, fees, and maintenance data. It should also have a customizable route system and allow you to delete old routes or add new ones as necessary. The bus tracking software should also allow you to designate stops according to your requirement. This way, you can notify faculty and parents about any problems that may arise.


One of the most important features to look for when selecting a GPS tracker for school buses is the availability of a SOS button (distress button). This feature allows school authorities to be informed of the bus’s location and direction, and can also notify parents and bus drivers when a bus is late. The GPS tracker should also have a GEO-fence feature, which allows administrators to know the exact location of the bus, as well as the speed of the bus.

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A high-quality GPS device is important, as a low-quality device can cause safety concerns and give inaccurate data. The best GPS trackers for school buses will provide detailed maps with street level zoom and multiple perspectives. A decent system will be scalable and upgradeable automatically. Future-proof services are essential for schools and school buses. A school’s GPS tracker should be able to meet these requirements and be customized to suit the school’s specific needs.

Many GPS trackers for school buses are free. Many of these devices have powerful features for administrators, including real-time school bus GPS tracking. Other benefits of this service include reporting tools and a messaging system for parents. The system also provides detailed information about each bus, as well as the current route. Parents can also receive notifications about their children’s whereabouts and what time they are expected to arrive. Moreover, these GPS trackers for school buses allow for the tracking of student attendance and can even track driver hours.

Another key benefit of bus tracking software is that it stores all the information related to the vehicle, including student allotments, maintenance data, fees, and more. The software enables complete route management. It can delete outdated routes and assign students to routes according to their needs. Routes can be designated according to the need, and any changes in the routes and stops will be immediately communicated to faculty and parents.


Using a GPS tracker for school buses can be an excellent way to keep track of every move a bus makes, from the time it leaves the school to the time it returns. There are many types of GPS trackers, and you need to choose one that works for your specific needs. Look for features such as anti-theft, real-time tracking, and multiple perspectives. A decent tracking system is scalable and future-proof. It should also be able to upgrade automatically when it becomes necessary.

A robust tracking system should have advanced route management functionality. Routes can be created and managed, and any redundant routes can be deleted. You can add stops to your routes and assign students to specific routes. You can even mark where to pick up students and drop them off outside of school grounds. Once you’ve selected a tracking system, you can make changes to the routes and academic year. You can also see the exact location of the bus, as well as what time it will be there.

The best GPS tracker for school buses should be able to transmit the data to a central server. A high-quality tracker will be able to transmit data to a server, while a low-quality tracking system won’t deliver data to the end user. You should consider a few things when selecting a school bus GPS tracking system. The quality of the device should be consistent across all buses.

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While a simple tracker for school buses may not be enough to ensure your child’s safety, it’s essential for a bus owner to pay attention to the safety of their passengers. The GPS tracker for school buses can provide parents with real-time alerts, route planning, and communications with administrators. The information you get will even help parents resolve any issues that may arise with their children. Moreover, you’ll know exactly where your child is at any given time and have the peace of mind that everything is working the way it should.

Jiobit Smart Tag

There are many benefits of a GPS tracker for school buses. For one, it can alert school authorities in real time about the bus’s exact location, which is invaluable for preventing vehicle theft. Aside from preventing theft, real-time tracking keeps parents informed of their children’s whereabouts at all times. Furthermore, a good GPS tracker must have a flexible system, which enables automatic upgrades and expansions. Ultimately, a school bus GPS tracking system must be future-proof, too.

The Jiobit uses progressive beaconing technology and has multiple connection methods to ensure that it has a strong signal. It has a built-in alert button that can alert 911 or care teams in an emergency. Jiobit also has a wandering feature that sounds an alarm if a child wanders too far. This feature is particularly helpful in busy spaces. Once the alert is triggered, the caregiver can immediately call 911 to find the child.

Besides its superior location accuracy, the Jiobit has many additional features to ensure a safe ride for students. It uses a next-generation 5G network and supports High Definition Location History. Users can also enable «Live Mode» to monitor the device’s movements. Moreover, the company’s founder was shocked to discover that most child trackers were hackable. This is why he brought on Roger Ady as the CTO.

Aside from being user-friendly, the Jiobit Smart Tag can also be attached to different accessories. Its size makes it easy to clip onto a belt or a backpack. Its battery life is typically about a week. In case of emergency, the device can even be used to monitor pets. There are countless other features that make the Jiobit Smart Tag the best GPS tracker for school buses.


A RelyEon GPS tracker for school bus provides several advantages. Its anti-theft function helps in the prevention of vehicle theft. Its real-time tracking feature helps the authorities know where the bus is, and it provides various perspectives to the user. The system should be scalable, with automatic upgrades. Schools must choose a future-proof service. This means that they need to be able to upgrade and scale it at any time.

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With the RelyEon, school bus fleets are able to stay on course and avoid detours. The school bus software is also useful for special needs students. It can suspend service when the student is sick or on vacation, or optimize routes for those students who need extra care. The system is easy to install, and the process only takes an hour. If the bus is old, the bus tracker can be portable, and can be connected to the battery or the cigarette adapter. BusWhere pricing is based on the number of buses in a school district or school.

The RelyEon GPS tracker for school bus systems gives school administrators and school staff an easy way to monitor the location of their fleet. The system also offers detailed information about the vehicles in their fleet, including current routes. Moreover, school administrators can send notifications to parents and keep them updated on the bus’ location. Its interactive drag-and-drop logs make it easy for administrators and parents to track the precise route of school buses. They can also export these logs for offline analysis.

School bus GPS trackers offer school administrators and parents the opportunity to see the location of their children at any time. With real-time data updates, the system allows school officials to improve service and safety. With these benefits, the RelyEon GPS tracker for school buses is a valuable investment. So why wait? It is time to take the next step towards safety for all of our kids. So start searching and enjoy the peace of mind.

First, let’s consider the practicality. A GPS tracker must be able to communicate with satellites in orbit. Normally, the devices have no trouble communicating with these satellites, but terrain and bad weather can disrupt the signal. If the GPS device cannot communicate with satellites, it is limited in its information collection. So, the best place to hide a GPS tracker is out of sight. Mounting it on the outside of a vehicle can be very effective. The best places to mount it are behind a light or behind a panel, as well as in the engine bay.


The cost of a GPS tracking device varies based on the length of the agreement. The more time you have, the lower the monthly cost will be. Prices include installation, hardware, and monthly use. Some GPS devices offer additional features that increase the price of a GPS tracker. Read on to learn about the cost of a GPS tracker. Here are some tips to find the lowest price.


Nowadays, the use of GPS tracking has expanded to various sectors. Children, assets, cars, and equipment can all be tracked with this technology. Some people even use GPS trackers as spy equipment. This paper explains a reliable and accurate real-time tracking system that uses GSM services to transmit the location of a portable tracked unit to a tracking center. Basically, a GPS tracking system is a pair of mobile tracked devices and a tracking centre.

The Global Positioning System uses a network of satellites and devices to determine where objects and entities are located. Developed in the 1960s for military purposes, GPS technology has expanded its use cases over the past few decades. From tracking people to driving directions, GPS technology can be used for everything from tracking high-value assets in transit to military exercises around the world. Location tracking with GPS is the future of transportation and will continue to expand as the technology continues to improve.

Location tracking with a GPS tracker in newspaper is useful for monitoring the activities of employees and vehicles. GPS-handled tracking devices often include a cell phone, which makes it easy to monitor the location of a vehicle. It is also possible to use a GPS tracker for business purposes by tracking the activities of employees. The GPS tracker also helps businesses keep track of the activities of employees, who use company cars.

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