How Accurate Are Cell Phone Tracking Apps?

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Several mobile-phone tracking apps can provide startling details about a person’s location. The Times examined a database from 75 companies that receives anonymous location data from mobile phones. Location services are used for local weather and news. Some companies claim to track 200 million mobile devices in the United States, with about half of all such devices in use. The Times said the database was updated 14,000 times per day, making it possible for the companies to know more about each person than ever before.


If you want to spy on a mobile phone, then XNSPY is the best app for you. XNSPY records all phone calls, including missed calls, and provides details of the caller including name, contact number, time and duration. You can even track their location using GPS technology. This app gives you a complete history of where they have been as well as their current location.

It is a multi-platform monitoring app which works on both Android and iOS devices. You can access the phone’s location using GPS, Wi-Fi signals, or GPS to pinpoint their exact location. This app is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS X. You can monitor calls and messages with it on your computer. It also lets you see photos and music files shared on Facebook discussions.

Another great app to track cell phone location is Geo Tracker. It works with Google and Yandex maps. It also records calls and SMS. It works with the location of any mobile number and gives you the chance to monitor its location in real time. Once you’ve tracked down your target, you can remotely control the phone and locate it. Once you have found the device, you can keep track of it and prevent your children from contacting unwanted people.

XNSPY is a one-stop-shop for monitoring a mobile device. It includes parental controls and employee monitoring. It records in-app messages on popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and Viber, and it can monitor multimedia posted on five different social networks. XNSPY also provides instant alerts for certain words and phrases, top 10 websites visited, and top 5 callers, among many other features.


mSpy is a tracking app that enables you to see all incoming and outgoing calls made on the target device. You can also see the total number of calls made. The software updates its data every 30 minutes and lets you monitor a device no matter where it is. It can also block specific phone numbers and contacts. This makes it very useful for tracing people you might not want to find.

mSpy uses the built-in GPS tracker on the phone to provide you with location information. You can even view a map of the location of the phone over time. It’s even possible to track the phone over wi-fi. This app can even track text messages. You can be sure your partner isn’t cheating on you with this app, or your child is using it for sex.

Another app to monitor someone’s cell phone is mSpy. This app records calls and uploads them to an online database. You can also monitor all chat messengers. This app also performs spy functions competently. You can also access remote data. mSpy can be installed on any Android device and is available in various languages. While most of these apps may cost you more, you can easily get a copy of the latest version for free.


One of the best ways to track a phone is to install a tracking app that can pinpoint the device’s location on a map. GeoFinder works with all mobile networks and will pinpoint any phone number. After you enter the phone number in GEOfinder, you will receive an SMS from the app containing a special link that you can send to the device owner. When the device owner clicks the link, the app will send them a map of the device’s location. You can then view the location in userspace.

While many cell phone tracking apps require a software installation to track a phone, Geofinder will track the device’s location in the background and won’t drain the battery power. Because of its unique features, Geofinder is the most accurate cell phone tracking app on the market. It is important to remember that some cellular services do not allow cell phone tracking apps. In these cases, you will need to talk to the phone’s owner to get permission.

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The user interface of the app is another important factor. It should be easy to install on any smartphone. However, if the phone’s owner is not a tech savvy person, you should avoid using an app that doesn’t offer an easy-to-use UI. A simple and uncluttered dashboard is also recommended. However, make sure that you choose an app that has above-average user reviews.


iKeyMonitor is a password-protected app that lets you monitor keystrokes on the target cell phone. You can also monitor pasted texts. Using iKeyMonitor’s cloud panel, you can track the keystrokes of emails, chat apps, SMS, and URL. If you need more information about the phone’s activities, you can also request a trial subscription.

iKeyMonitor is not just for children; it also can protect employees from cyberbullies and other attacks. It is available for IOS and Android devices. Its user-friendly dashboard makes it easy to use. Life 360 is also a free location tracker app for families. It offers advanced features for free and a 30-day money-back guarantee. This app is a powerful and convenient way to keep track of a child’s location.

The iKeyMonitor app can record sounds and voices around the target device. This way, you can view recorded surroundings and determine whether the phone has been in their presence. The app also records incoming and outgoing calls, as well as contact information. It also remotely captures internet activities and screenshots when alert words are detected. Apart from monitoring SMS and other text messages, iKeyMonitor can be used with all popular cell phone brands and mobile networks.

The iKeyMonitor app also lets you monitor and restrict the use of mobile devices. If you don’t want your child to be using the phone for inappropriate purposes, you can restrict the app’s use. If you’re worried about your child’s safety, you can also set schedules for the phone to prevent them from engaging in inappropriate activities. If you’re worried about the security of your children, iKeyMonitor will help you keep tabs on them.

Trace Mobile Number

Before GPS was deployed, the only way to track a cell phone was through triangulation. Law enforcement and other governmental agencies had access to this information. Now, most cell phone tracking apps use the GPS location of the target device to provide feedback to the end-user in the form of an app or software program. To fully understand how cell phone tracking works, it is helpful to know the major cell phone models and what the different tracking options are.

Spyine, for example, lets you track the activity of a cell phone remotely. Its advanced feature enables you to read targeted phone messages and social media chats. You can also access the phone’s call logs and get key call details. You can also create «marked zones» on e-maps, monitor browser history, and more. Spyine covers the most important parameters and has an easy-to-use online dashboard for ease of use.

Tracking apps often ask for various permissions to access your phone. You can trust these basic permissions, but never trust an app that wants to change settings or gain access to all your apps. For example, an app that wants to access all of your accounts could steal money from your bank account. So, never give access to your sensitive information to someone you don’t know. Keep your kids safe by installing a tracking app on their cell phone.


If you want to track the location of a mobile device, you may want to try Hoverwatch. While most cell phone tracking apps require GPS to find the location of a target device, Hoverwatch does not require it. It tracks the targeted device through its GSM network and uses that data to plot the target device’s commute route on a map. The app marks geo-locations with blue dots, which gradually turn red as the device reoccurs.

Hoverwatch’s website boasts that it can track the internet browsing history of a target device. It can gather a lot of information, including screenshots of websites visited or searches performed. The app also categorizes browsers under «Websites» and can filter media files by date. However, the information about specific websites visited is limited. Hoverwatch also doesn’t claim to record phone calls.

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In addition to tracking text messages, Hoverwatch can also monitor phone calls and location. You can access call logs and review a monitored individual’s web activity. This feature is useful for parents who want to keep an eye on their kids’ activities and protect them from harmful influences. Similarly, it can be used by employers to track employee productivity. You can use it to monitor employee conversations and prevent information from leaking out.

There are many different apps for controlling your child’s internet usage, but which one is the best? We will look at Qustodio, SaferKid, Norton Family, and Screen Time. Each one has its own benefits, so you need to choose wisely. We recommend FamiSafe if you want to track your child’s location in real-time. SaferKid, on the other hand, is more focused on monitoring your child’s Internet activity.


Parents need to monitor their children’s online activities to prevent them from being exposed to inappropriate or harmful content. Parental control apps let you monitor child activity and location, set healthy screen time limits, and monitor internet and social media sites. They’re also easy to use, quick to install, and have many cool features. Qustodio’s Activity Timeline lets you see a detailed minute-by-minute breakdown of all your child’s online activity. It includes information about website visits, social media posts, and app usage.

Parents can manage the various settings on Qustodio through an easy-to-use online interface. You can view the usage of all devices through a dashboard. You can also see how much time kids spend on each category, social networks, and apps. Qustodio allows you to limit screen time, monitor social media, and track location. However, you should check for available apps on your child’s phone before installing Qustodio.

If you’re looking for an app that can monitor your children’s activity, Qustodio is a top choice. It has a lot of features, including tracking location history, blocking websites, and alerts for inappropriate content. It works on iPhone and iPad, but its iOS version has fewer features than its Android counterpart. It also has a free version that can monitor 30+ social networking sites. It recently added features such as Web Filter and Screen Time Limit.

One of the best free iPhone parental control apps is Qustodio. The app comes with many features, including blocking inappropriate content, and blocking access to violent, mature, and gambling websites. You can set a time limit on specific apps or a usage allowance for the whole device. It also provides daily reports for parents. You can manage access to websites, videos, and social media from the app store.


This parental control app allows you to monitor your child’s phone activity with features like time limits for certain apps, limiting internet access to specific times and blocking websites. It also allows you to see what your child is doing on their phone, including their location and the places they’ve been. You can also track the content of their text messages and see who they’re talking to online. There’s also a built-in timer, so you can control when your kids are using their phone.

While parental control apps are great tools to help parents limit the content their children can access online, they can also lead to false security. Today’s kids are more tech-savvy and are likely to set up new accounts to bypass parental controls. Instead of blindly trusting apps to protect your children, talk with them about their usage habits so you can make informed decisions. This way, you can make sure they’re following the rules.

Parents may want to try SaferKid, which is marketed as a children’s app. It monitors texts, phone calls, contacts, web browsing history and more. SaferKid is particularly helpful for parents who want to keep an eye on their children and keep them safe from unauthorized use of the internet. SaferKid is also flexible, allowing you to set varying freedoms as your child grows older.

In addition to monitoring your child’s internet usage, these apps also allow you to block certain features like geo-fencing, downloads, screenshots, and adult content. One notable feature of SaferKid is its ability to track your child’s location without asking you to grant permission. It is also a great way to protect your child from cyber bullying. It’s free to download from the App Store, but you may have to make in-app purchases to unlock all of its features.

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Norton Family

Parents can keep an eye on their children’s usage of the internet with Norton Family. The iOS app lets parents supervise what their children see. It features app supervision, geofencing, and location tracking. Parents can also review a child’s 30 days worth of location history. Norton Family has an optional feature called School Time, which helps parents control the environment in which their children work or study.

Norton Family also lets you set restrictions based on the age of your children. You can choose a restriction level for each child, and you can also block specific websites and categories. You can also turn off web blocking completely and send warnings to your child when he or she is using the Internet. Parents can also block specific websites, which is beneficial for children with special needs. It works on the iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

Norton Family comes with a 30-day free trial, and it does not require payment information. If you do purchase the premium version, you’ll have access to a knowledge base full of helpful information. It’s also available through Norton forums. Unfortunately, Norton Family isn’t available for Mac computers or Fire tablets. However, you can get a full refund within 14 days, or up to 60 days, if you’re not happy with the results. You may want to check the subscription terms before purchasing the app, as some countries restrict it from working on certain models of iPhones.

The Norton family app is the best for tracking online activities and alerts across different devices. The app’s broad range of filter categories sets it apart from the rest. In addition to this, Norton family allows users to set school time and automatically blocks inappropriate websites. Regardless of how you use Norton Family, you can be assured your kids’ safety and privacy. Aside from the parental controls, Norton Family offers additional features, such as the ability to monitor multiple devices.

Screen Time

There are several free iPhone screen time parental control applications. Screen Time is a useful feature that lets you set a limit on how long your child can spend on their iPhone. Other features of Screen Time include time limits for specific apps, allowing or disallowing specific websites and web pages. Parents can also set a password to prevent their child from accessing certain settings and content on the iPhone. However, the free versions do not include many advanced features, such as blocking certain websites or videos.

Other benefits of parental control apps are that they allow parents to see what their children are saying online. These apps also allow you to block specific websites, create rules for specific contacts, and notify you when your child receives or sends messages from those people. Some of these applications also extend their monitoring to the built-in messaging applications on the phone, and even track your child’s location. These features may be particularly helpful if your child has a phone that is frequently stolen or lost.

The best way to limit the amount of time your child can spend using the internet is to use parental control applications. These apps allow you to set a time limit for certain websites, limit in-app browsing, and limit what your child can access on the iPhone. Some iPhone parental control apps even allow you to limit websites that your child can access with the help of a customized list. However, be aware that these apps are not perfect and should not be used as a substitute for parental monitoring.

Another great parental control app is Qustodio. Qustodio is easy to use and offers parents powerful parental controls and monitoring features. This parental control app for iPhone includes the ability to monitor online activity, set time limits, block inappropriate content, and monitor phone conversations. Qustodio also helps parents manage multiple devices with ease. It also has a comprehensive list of features, including geofencing, which allows parents to monitor their children on multiple devices.


If you want to keep tabs on your children, you’ll want to download a parental control app that keeps track of their activities. Thankfully, there are many excellent choices available. For instance, Google Family Link is free and provides a number of useful features. However, MamaBear is worth considering if you’re looking for an app to help keep an eye on your children. Among other features, it allows you to monitor social media sites, which can be particularly worrying. It can also be set to alert you if your children post anything inappropriate, speed up, or check-in to places they don’t belong.

MamaBear lets parents monitor their children’s activity on social media sites. It also allows parents to monitor Facebook messages, photos, and location details. Parents can even set location alerts to get notifications when their children leave the designated area. The app even sends notifications when a child exceeds the speed limit. All of these features are extremely useful and ensure the safety of your child. In addition, MamaBear can also be used to track your child’s location, so you can check on where they’re going and what they’re doing.

Another great parental control app for iPhone is MamaBear. It is a free app, and users can download it right from the app store. Unlike most free parental control apps, this one lets parents stay connected to their children, no matter where they are. Not only does MamaBear let parents monitor their children, it also allows them to keep tabs on their child’s health information and development and receive emergency alerts. In addition to being free, it’s also available on Android devices.

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