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When purchasing a GPS tracker for small children, it is important to choose one that is easy to use and doesn’t entail any extra hassle for parents. Also, the GPS tracker should be activated in open spaces because they hate enclosed areas. To make things even easier for parents, they should be able to turn on the tracker remotely in a wide open space. Once the child has activated the tracker, they should be in an open space or a large open space.

Jiobit Smart Tag

A Jiobit Smart Tag is waterproof and can be tied to a child’s shoelaces or hair band for easy placement. The device uses AES-256 «Jiobit TrustChip» encryption to protect your child’s location and is secure enough to be submerged in five feet of water for 30 minutes. It has a dedicated alert button that can be turned on or off through the Jiobit mobile app, so you can monitor it in any environment. Its new web app lets you monitor and control Jiobit from any device, and it is also compliant with children’s privacy regulations in the U.S.

Despite its small size, Jiobit’s hybrid tracking system works as a GPS tracker and Bluetooth tether. When connected to a smartphone, the Jiobit tracks the child’s exact location. When a child is picked up, the Jiobit will automatically connect to the phone of the caregiver, and when they are in range, they will be alerted by the tracker.

The Jiobit uses the location services of the caretaker’s smartphone. When in Bluetooth range, Jiobit shows the last location. In live navigation mode, Jiobit constantly queries the device’s location. When the Jiobit leaves its designated radius, caregivers will be notified by push notifications and a vibration. These alerts are low-key and can be set for 100 or 800 feet. The Jiobit’s battery life is decent, too, and it gives a battery status on the device’s screen.

AngelSense Kids GPS Tracker is another popular option. Designed specifically for kids with special needs, the AngelSense Kids GPS Tracker is equipped with real-time location bells. Moreover, it offers two-way voice calls so that parents can easily contact their child. Its unique Diary Lock allows parents to record data every 30 seconds and synchronize it periodically. If a child falls ill, the AngelSense GPS Tracker provides real-time location updates and a map.

Spytec STI 2022 Model GL300MA

The Spytec STI 2022 Model SL300MA GPS tracker for small children works by sending the location of a target to a monitoring app. It uses proprietary GPS technology with 4G LTE coverage to track its target. The app has Google Maps integration and helps users geo-fence the perimeter of the target’s location. It also features customizable alerts and prepares weekly summaries.

The STI GL300MA GPS tracker is waterproof. To ensure waterproofing, you must buy a waterproof case for the device. The case costs around $30. It is highly recommended for parents who want to watch their children safely and without worrying about their safety. The Spytec STI 2022 Model GL300MA GPS tracker for small children comes with a warranty of three years.

The Spytec STI GL300 MA GPS tracker for small children has near-perfect 4G coverage and an impressive 2.5-week battery life. It is small enough to hide in a backpack or purse, and comes with a motion sensor battery device that helps save battery life when it is not in use. It comes with an integrated belt holster and waterproof magnetic case. The tracker can track a target’s location remotely and is ideal for use by parents or caregivers.

While choosing the best GPS tracker for small children, make sure that it is waterproof. Ensure the device you choose has parental controls and can withstand rough play. If you decide to send the tracker to your child, you should talk to the school’s administrator. When choosing a GPS tracker, take into account your child’s age and comfort level. It’s better if the device is easy to use and comfortable for your child.

Samsung SmartThings Tracker

A GPS tracker for small children is an excellent way to keep track of your child’s location and safety. Unlike mobile phones, this device does not need to be installed. With its simple installation and a mobile app, this device can be used just like a regular phone. It can even send an SOS if your child goes missing. Samsung SmartThings trackers are available at retailers near you.

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The tracker is extremely lightweight, measuring 1.7 by 1.7 inches and weighing less than an ounce. It has a water-resistance rating of IP68 and is splash and dust resistant. It can withstand 1.5 meters of water. Its long-lasting battery provides five days of continuous tracking. Despite its small size, it has all the features needed to be effective for tracking small children.

The SmartThings Tracker is a compact square GPS tracker that uses LTE-M technology to share location information. The tracker can be attached to a backpack, keyring, luggage, and even a pet’s collar. It works with the Samsung SmartThings app for iOS and Android. Once you install the app, you can set up geofences and receive location alerts on your connected smartphone.

This GPS tracker is compatible with smartphones with Android 5.0+ or iOS 11 or later. It also requires a cell subscription. The cost of the tracker is $100. After the first year, you’ll need to pay $50 for cellular data. There are also monthly fees associated with the tracker. You may want to check with your local regulations before purchasing a GPS tracker for your small child.


KIDSnav is one of the most popular GPS trackers on the market, especially among parents of small children. It comes in several designs and features, including a smartwatch that your child can wear and use to make and receive calls. The device also has a built-in SOS button, which helps parents and caregivers reach the child in case of emergency. It also has a pedometer that lets you monitor the amount of exercise your child is performing.

With KIDSnav, you can set alerts for your child to call you if they run away. These alerts depend on the frequency of the child’s location reporting. For example, if your child runs away, you can set an alert to notify you as soon as they reach a certain area. However, some cheaper trackers can only tell you your child’s location within a certain area, making them unsuitable for general use.

KIDSnav also has many other features, including a pedometer that tracks the steps and location of your child. The watch even has a remover sensor to let you know if your child has taken it off. It also has an app that connects to your child’s smartphone, and even has social media features such as sharing photos and calling for help. There are plenty of other advantages to KIDSnav that make it the best GPS tracker for small children.

The KiDSnav watch comes with a built-in microphone, a SOS button, and movement tracking capabilities. It also has an integrated camera. The watch comes in several different sizes and designs, including ones geared towards younger children and older children. This means that your child can choose a size that fits into their lifestyle and not be too visible to other children. It’s also easy to set up and maintain, and your child can turn it off whenever she wants to.

Weenect Kids

If you’re looking for the best GPS tracker for small children, then Weenect is a great option. Its battery life is great, with up to 7 days of continuous tracking. You can also monitor multiple devices from the same account. The device includes a compass with distance countdown and a radar for real-time tracking. Weenect Kids also features a live map and a seven-day battery life.

The Weenect Kids is a great choice for parents who are worried about their children’s safety. The smartwatch-like device allows parents to monitor their children from anywhere in the world. It features a two-way voice calling feature, whereby the device will call a designated number or list of numbers and connect to the first person who picks up the call. The device works in 68 countries, is waterproof and has a built-in rechargeable battery.

This device comes with customizable settings that allow you to change the level of monitoring. If you want to give your child the option to turn off the device or make it more discreet, you can use a separate alarm for each child. A few models also have a panic button that allows children to call a parent if something is wrong or they need help. Some models even include two-way communication so you can talk to your child through the tracker.

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Weenect Kids is the best GPS trackers for small children because of its ease of use and flexibility. The system provides location updates every five seconds. It also supports geo-fencing, so you can get alerted if your child leaves a specific area and stops unexpectedly. This means you can stay calm even when your child is in danger and get help quickly. There’s nothing worse than having a child who has no idea where they are.

If you’re looking for a GPS device for your child, you’ve come to the right place. Read this article for information about the latest devices available on the market. These products range from the COSMO JrTrack 2 to the Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker. These devices are aimed at young children, and they should have adjustable settings to avoid triggering a false alarm or blowing up your phone.

Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker

The Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker for Kids is designed to help parents monitor their children. It can detect where a child is when he or she runs away and can provide you with their exact location. Its GPS module is made of a small cell phone that requires Bluetooth to function. The Invoxia must be near a smartphone to receive the signal. It must also be connected to a power source, preferably a micro USB cable. If your child does not return immediately, you can use the device when it’s not nearby.

The Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker is rechargeable and looks like a small thumb drive. It communicates via an app on an Android or iPhone. The device uses the Internet of Things (IFTTT) technology to give you location information. Once you install the app, you’ll be able to see where your child is and can even set alerts to notify you if your child has gone missing. The Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker can even track cars and valuables.

The Invoxia is easy to install and uses a free app that helps you monitor multiple trackers at once. Once your child has the device, you can use the app to send location updates to multiple devices. It is important to find a GPS tracker that comes with a customizable app so you can keep track of your child’s location. If your child gets lost, you can always set an alert on the Invoxia’s app to notify you immediately.


The Jiobit GPS device for kids is a waterproof, patented location tracking device that uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular, and GPS to monitor your child’s location. As the smallest location tracker for kids, it helps parents to protect their children and brings peace of mind. The waterproof gps tracker can easily be clipped onto your child’s clothes or shoes. Its discreet design makes it ideal for children and parents.

The Jiobit GPS device for kids works by tracking your child’s location in real-time. Parents can be notified if their child wanders from their group, walks between locations, or gets into water. The device works with both iOS and Android smartphones. The device is small enough to clip onto your child’s belt or backpack. You can use the Jiobit to track your child from any smartphone, as long as the location is available on the app.

The Jiobit is designed with special needs in mind. There are no exterior buttons or switches. Its casing is also waterproof. It’s rugged enough to withstand any weather condition. This device weighs only 18 grams, which is roughly the size of a Ritz cracker. It can be a safe haven for kids who are prone to losing their way. The device will also notify parents if the child goes missing for several days or more.

Trakbond Trail

Is there a GPS device for kids? The answer depends on the type of child you’re tracking. For example, a child’s GPS device may be a Bluetooth-enabled one with an app. Using these types of devices is an excellent way to track your children and stay in touch with them. However, you should be aware that these devices can be very expensive, especially if you’re looking for a cheap option.

To choose the right GPS device for kids, you should look for one that is easy to use for small children. Ones that don’t require a lot of parental input should be easy for children to activate, such as those with a SOS button. Also, choose a GPS device that works in an open area as these devices hate enclosed spaces. You can use a simple cell phone to activate your child’s device.

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The GPS smartwatches for kids can also serve as educational tools. Parents should educate their children on how to use them, how to call and text, and how to handle an emergency. Children should always carry their device with them. As a parent, you should educate your child on the device’s use before you give them one. But if you’re buying a GPS device for kids, make sure to keep an eye on them at all times.

COSMO JrTrack 2

The COSMO JrTrack 2 is essentially a GPS device for kids that you can keep track of with a free mobile app. It allows you to set up zoned play areas so your child cannot go outside of the zone. If your child goes out of the zone, you can call them on the watch to command them back or physically get them. The watch also has geofencing, which many kids smartwatches have, but the JrTrack 2 is surprisingly accurate.

While the JrTrack is water resistant, it is not waterproof. Swimming with it is not recommended, and it is highly unlikely to survive. However, the device is made to withstand light contact with water. Depending on how much water the watch is exposed to, the JrTrack may need to form a connection to satellites, but this should only be necessary once. There are two-way communication capabilities, including video chat and clear audio.

Another feature is the AngelWatch, which pairs with Line for unlimited contact numbers. You can designate three emergency numbers, and the watch will dial them repeatedly. In the event of an emergency, the AngelWatch can be worn in a child’s belt, pocket, or special compression undershirt. It’s hard to get off without the help of the caregiver, but this feature means unlimited guardians can keep track of their child. The device connects to AT&T and features a speakerphone, an SOS button, and immediate alerts for emergencies. It can also be used to share the child’s location with medical personnel.

Amcrest 4G LTE GPS Tracker

The Amcrest GPS GL300 is a 4G LTE portable mini hidden GPS tracker. It can be used to alert you whenever your child or device enters or leaves a specified area. You can even restrict the area by setting the alarm to sound when the device is in the restricted area. In case of kidnapping, it will help you in keeping an eye on your child or device.

The Amcrest real-time GPS tracker for kids is a durable device that can be used in any weather condition. Its waterproof feature allows it to be used anywhere, even in the most inhospitable places. Its IPX5 water resistance rating ensures that it can withstand rain or snow. However, do not submerge your tracker in water. You’ll void the warranty, so don’t get carried away.

This device works on a 4G network, providing real-time updates every five seconds. Users can access the tracking data from a computer or desktop web browser. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers, and it has a customizable interface that allows you to monitor activity and manage alerts. It’s easy to set up and can be used for a number of different purposes. You can track your kid’s activities on a computer or on a smartphone.

The Amcrest 4G LTE GPS Tracker is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. Its powerful battery lasts up to ten to fourteen days, making it a practical choice if you have children or teenagers who are out and about. The tracking information is also available on a downloadable mobile app. It allows parents and guardians to monitor their kids and keep them safe from harm.


If you’re worried about your kid’s safety, GPS trackers can be an excellent solution. The GeoZilla kids GPS tracker comes with global coverage and a five-day battery life. Despite its small size, the device has plenty of useful features, including SOS button for reaching you in case of emergency. Lastly, GeoZilla’s parental controls allow you to easily adjust its location update frequency.

This device works with Android and iOS devices and is waterproof. Parents can mark safe zones for their kids and then receive alerts when their child enters or leaves the zone. This kid-friendly device has a geofencing feature, which lets you mark the boundaries of their safe zones and alert you when they enter or leave them. The Geozilla device is iP68 water-resistant, and the app connects to a smartphone for additional convenience. Geozilla comes with a free cellular service for the first 12 months, but prices go up from there. The annual price starts at about $50.

Geozilla: This GPS tracker is rechargeable and comes with a free mobile app for iOS and Android. It allows parents to track the locations of children, parents, pets, and more. Its app can be customized to suit a family’s lifestyle, including pet locations and school day paths. With 30,000 positive reviews on the Appstore, Geozilla is a great option for parents looking to keep an eye on their children.

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