Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Spytracking?

Spytracking is a multi-functional parental control application created to track smartphones and tablets. It includes such possibilities as: phone calls monitoring, text messages, GPS location, browsers history, contacts, social media activities, etc.

Is it legal to use Spy Tracking Apps?

Yes, it is absolutely legal if you are the owner of a tracked device or if which belongs to your kid, who is under 18 years. We do not encourage the use of our products in order to spy on people’s phones without appropriate permission, or pursuing some other illegal purposes.

Which devices support Spytracking?

The Spytracking App is supported my most of Android and iOS operating systems, smartphones and tablets.  IPhone Apple, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Lenovo, Huawei, HTC, ASUS, etc. To get more information and be sure that your tracked device is compatible, we recommend you to visit our Compatibility Page.

What payment methods do you accept?

For your convenience, you can use:
mastercardpaypal logoamex logojcbwire transfer

Is it possible to delete old data from my CP?

You can set this option in your personal Control Panel settings. Enter “Device Settings” section and click “Unassign Device” below on the right. This action is irrevocable.

Does this application needs constant Internet connection?

The application itself does not require Internet connection. However, to transfer the collected data from the tracked device – the online connection is required. As a rule, EDGE/3G is quite enough.

Is there any daily limitation for data received?

Depends on your subscription plans. There are only some limits in Basic subscription, which allow monitoring up to 700 calls and 300 SMS each month. You may check it in your control panel  if the data is not updating, it may signal that you have reached the limit. In this case you can update your Basic subscription to Premium, as it has no limits. Or contact our Support Center and order unlimited calls or SMS option in your current Basic plan.

How to root my Android?

The links, containing all necessary information will be provided to you during the set up. There you will find the guidelines on rooting Android devices.

Note: the device rooting is not a must to run Spytracking on Android. However, you should root the tracked phone if you want to get full access to all the options.

Is it possible to switch my subscription to another device?

Unfortunately no. After you have added the tracked device to your Control Panel you cannot switch it to any others.

Can it be revealed on a tracked phone?

Spytracking is visible on the tracked gadget. A user can see its icon on his or her device screen.

However, if you use the iCloud solution for monitoring, you don’t need to install the application on the tracked gadget and thus, tracking will remain hide.

How to install and run the Spytracking App?

The process is very fast and simple, less than 5 minutes to complete. As soon as you have purchased a plan, you should follow the guide from your subscription email. In case you’ve faced some difficulties –  please, don’t hesitate to ask our Customer Support Team for assistance.

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What I have to do if I can’t log in to my Control Panel?

Our service from time to time needs to be restarted or updated. It doesn’t take much time. In case you experience some technical difficulties – please, feel free to contact our Customer Support.

Where is the all tracked data collected?

After the Spytracking app is installed and connected to the server, the data from the tracked phone will be loaded directly to your personal CPanel.

Are my iOS phone and a target one iOS needed to be already jailbroken to set up the app?

We have two solutions for iOS  devices:  jailbreak and iCloud.

iCloud  (non-jailbreak solution) doesn’t require physical access to the device unless you need to check backup settings. iCloud monitoring solutions limited to the following features: Text Messages, Calls, Browsing History, Bookmarks, Location, Calendar, Contacts, etc.

Jailbreak solution requires physical access to the target device for installation. Jailbreak is required to get access to following features: Calls blocking, SMS blocking, SMS limiting, Geo-fences, Websites blocking, Emails, Applications Management, Videos, Viber, Instagram, Locking device with a password, etc. And this solution requires the device to be already jailbroken!

Can I set up or uninstall the app remotely?

Both the setup and deletion process for the Spytracking app can be done manually (unless you use iCloud solution for monitoring iOS gadgets. Please ensure your physical access to the tracked device before buying a subscription plan, except iCloud solution.

How to update Spytracking?

iOS: Gets automatically updates .

Android: Rooted devices get automatically updates. Other Androids may be updated in two possible ways:

1) By tapping ‘Update’ button in the tracked device application.

2) Following a guide in your CPanel.

How often does the data get updated?

The update frequency depends on every particular feature. At average, the data gets updated each 20 minutes at least.


If you still need some more information write your question to contact us. You will get an answer as soon as possible.