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Why Cell Phone Monitoring Software Is Advantageous

Parents may not realize that nearly 95% of all children between the ages of 12 and 17 in the United States access the Internet on a daily basis. Further, since the year 2012, three out of every four teenagers are accessing the online websites with tablets, desktop computers, or mobile devices. Out of those who do access online material, one out of every five teens are approached and sexually solicited by would be online predators.

Even worse, out of those who are approached, one quarter of them told one or both parents about the incident and remainder of the teenagers did not make a report about the incident at all. Teens do not always have the foresight to fully understand the ramifications of their actions. It is up to the parent to step up and take the added measure of protecting their children by investing in monitoring software.

Phone monitoring: The installation of a monitoring application allows parents to stay informed and to discover important information a child may not share. A phone-monitoring app can help keep a child safe and provide a parent with peace of mind.

The installation of a software app on a compatible mobile device can help to prevent a child from being psychologically injured or emotionally wounded through acts of cyber bullying. This same application can ensure that the child cannot access inappropriate pornography content and that chat conversations with people that are age appropriate and individuals that parents would find acceptable.

Keep Your Children Safe with Phone Monitoring Software

Parents may not at first realize that some 75% of all children who use online means of communication are willing to share personal information online with people they don’t even know. Of the teens that use Facebook to communicate with others, some 33% of them have friends they do not know or have never met face-to-face. With the anonymity that Internet access and the use of computers provides people with, the Internet can become quite a dangerous place for the innocent and inexperienced.

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Spytracking is the program allowing parents to access alerts and reports from a location. This same application allows parents to limit the amount of time a child’s online and therefore limit the negative exposure. The ability to monitor cell phone activity is something every parent must take advantage of. In fact, in the future would be not surprising if some of the cell phone monitoring applications came preloaded on brand-new mobile devices.

Cell Phone Monitoring App: More About Spytracking

This is a visible application that can be installed on a compatible mobile device. By non-stealth, the manufacturer means that the program is visible to the user of the device and it does not run in the background without the user knowing. The child will be able to see a small icon that gains access to the program. The software works with tablets or smartphones. The application is legal to use and it allows parents to access a child’s social media content, contacts, calendar, browsing history, GPS location, text messages, and phone calls.

To access the Spytracking app, you will have to choose the subscription plan and register for online account. Make sure you subscribe to the plan that suits your budget and requirements. Once the payment is made, you can set up the application.