Capable for both iOS, Androids

Easy In Use

Installation process and usage is clear and easy. Just few steps: Download the software after purchasing; adjust settings and tag your target cellphone; login to view online activity

Tracking remotely

Monitor your children's current GPS location and view recent route history. Finally you have a chance to protect your kids on the road

All Device Activity

Full text messages and calls history; Social Networks, e-mails and any popular messengers chats are available to track. See the target device contacts, Internet and Web History

The Need of Cell Phone Spy Software

“Times, they are a changing”… The safety of your loved ones becomes on the first place. This is particularly true with the ever increasing use of mobile devices and the latent threat can wait children and teenagers at every step while they surf the Internet. One astounding statistic suggests that well over 90% of all teenagers own and use smart phones on a daily basis and nearly a quarter of those same teens spend the majority of their time exploring online websites.

Even more troublesome that fact that over 50% of today’s children have been bullied in a virtual environment and the majority of parents remain unaware of the cyberbullying incident. Thankfully, parents can rely on the use of a cell phone spy application, which helps better protect their children. With a Spytracking Application, parents can remain in control of what a child does while using a mobile device, as well as whom the child interacts with through myriad means of communication.

Spyware for Cell Phones: Compatibility

Spytracking program is compatible with a wide number of devices and operating systems. In regard to platform compatibility, the Android device must have version 2.22 - 6.0.1 and up. In terms of an Apple iOS, the target device must have version 6.0 - 9.0.2 or higher. The Apple iPhone can be jailbroken, but it is not necessary for the app to work. The Spytracking iCloud Solution offers enough wide range of functions (12 from 24 available), without physical access to the target phone, except some more extended features. See: Spytracking Features

When parents asking a question like “how to spy on a cell phone,” the answer is relatively simple: use a compatible mobile device with the Spytracking app program. There are a number of mobile devices that are most commonly used with the app, including the following brand names:

  • Sony Ericsson
  • Samsung
  • Motorola
  • LG
  • Lenovo
  • Huawei
  • HTC
  • Google
  • ASUS
  • Acer

Why Spytracking is the Best Cell Phone Spy Software

Spytracking is specifically designed to control kids’ digital activity. It is legal and safe. The application is impressive in regard to the amount of features offered:

  • The ability to impose cell phones use time limitations:

Many parents appreciate the ability to control the amount of time allotted to a child for Internet access.

  • Inbound and outbound call monitoring:

You will know whom your child is interacting. Monitor phone calls and block some unwanted subscribers

  • Media storage viewing:

Videos and photos can be reviewed to ensure that content is appropriate.

  • Text history:

Keylogger tools are included to ensure the child is behaving appropriately while maintaining the privilege of using a cellular device.

  • Online activity tracking:

Parents can monitor chats activity logs, emails, and websites sessions.

  • Social media monitoring:

The application allows parents to stay calm that the social media interaction is appropriate.

  • Website block:

In other words Parental Control. You may choose what websites you want to keep the children away from. Use this application to block those web resources.

  • Internet history browsing:

Parents are able to view the websites and images downloaded from the Web. Browse Internet history.

  • Child tracking via GPS:

A kind of the first primary important feature - when the device is with the child, the monitoring application can track its GPS location.

  • Recent physical route history:

A complete history of the child's recent physical route is available through our monitoring application.

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